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miss geist regrets
finnigan_geist wrote in fcgeist
To officially put the last nail in its coffin, Sawdust and Ashes is hereby on permanent hiatus. It's been over two years now since I started the story, and you may have noticed that my writing process has significantly lost steam since about April of 2009. I've learned so much during that time, both creatively and personally, and I made some wonderful friends directly because of the story. I simply can't keep up with what writing it requires from me.

I can't thank everyone who followed the story enough for the simple act of reading it, let alone the many people who left detailed, heartfelt, truly touching feedback. Thank you for your time and your attention. You have my absolute, deepest thanks, and please know that hearing from readers was often the sole bright point of this story's creation. Thank you.

I'm willing to take any questions, concerns, criticism, insults, anything you might have for me. Thank you again.

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Acute Delirium here from fanfiction.net

I literally made a sound of pain when I read this on your profile. Never has a fic I loved so much been put on permanent hiatus. /faints/

However, I respect that it is your story and it's your time that is/was spent writing it. It will be missed. It is one of only three stories that I check like a creeper.

God it's so well written! Be proud of it.

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